How to categorize walls based on their geometry

I am working on a project with prefabricated wall elements. I need to categorize the elements based on their geometries.
Is there any way to do this in Dynamo?

I do appreciate your help and time in advance.


@farshidkaviani ,

that sounds like loadable family… so Wall is Systemfamily… so you can`t create or address “wall” to a family…

when you use Ifc you can integrate in the family the parameter “IfcExportAs” and you can map your (f.e. Generic model) to “IfcWall”

I would first make your “workflow” solid and than use dynamo …



Hi @Draxl_Andreas
Thank you for your reply. Well, I just joined the project and the workflow is a mess. I have a lot of elements that must be categorized and named according to their unique geometry.


Something to try:

For each wall:

  1. Get type
  2. Get Location Curve
  3. Get CoordinateSystem at parameter 0 of the location curve
  4. Get Solid
  5. Transform solid to the origin
  6. Get all the edges of the transformed solid
  7. Get the curve geometry of each edge
  8. Get a string representation of the edges
  9. Concat the string representation of the edges into a single string
  10. Append the wall type as a prefix to the edge string

Group all the walls (not the geometry) by the joined ‘type+edges’ string.

Not that every odd little join of the wall, inserted family, and really any modifier to the wall at all will result in a unique key.


Hi @jacob.small
Thank you so much, that is a really interesting suggestion, the only obstacle is the vertical placement of the window/power suckets which has an influence on the type category.

Can you think of any magic to include the vertical placements?

I do appreciate your help and time once again.


The height of the insert would impact the geometry, and as such would already be included.