Find specific elements

Hello, how do you select the specific walls in Dynamo ?
Let’s say I start from “category”, so I get all the different walls

  1. wall_Ext_01,
  2. wall_Ext_02,
  3. wall_Int_01,
  4. wall_Int_02

Then, how do I get the “wall_Ext_01” ? I tried to use “Family Type”, but I didn’t find the same wall type that exist in Revit. How does this “Family Type” works ? Is it not the same “family type” in Revit ?
So my idea is to filter all the selected walls, then get their wall type names, and use “List.GetItemAtIndex” to filter the “wall_Ext_01”. But how do you get the family type of selected Elements ?


if you have a naming convention you can also use split string and sorting it by more criterias.

This right now works - if i am not sure how to “find” something i snoop out with “x.Parameters”




Ohh, cool ! It works very well for me too. Many thanks. I learn a new word “wände”

Your script worked very well in the last month. Now I have a problem. It is not working with the “roof”.

May I ask you when you use “type”, are you looking for “Type” in the 32th item ? Or you are actually looking for “Family type” ?

Because it is not working for the roof. I couldn’t find the reason. Could you have a look ? Thanks a lot