Changing Generic Model Into specific families (walls for example )

Hello Currently I have this generic model , Is there any way I can change it via dynamo to become a wall ? is there any way so that I can change the generic model into a specific family because it is kind of hard to do the design from scratch


In Revit not, you can just use “non-SystemFamily” categories.

If you deal with OpenBIM-Models - IFC… you can overwrite IfcBuildingElementProxy to IfcWall f.e.

You can set the Parameters and Psets_ via Dynamo.



Thanks a lot for your help and demonstration but I didn’t exactly get the idea since and I am new to revit/Dynamo .
Can this be achieved ? if it can be achieved how exactly do you have any video regarding this thing ?

To clarify…
You can add parameters on that can give the object wall information - but it still won’t be a wall.

Complex walls can be created using the Wall By Face option on either a mass object or a generic model.
The wall you are showing doesn’t look very complicated at all. At first glance it could be done with a curtain wall.

Thanks a lot for your reply , I know its not a complicated wall I just wanted to make sure , and the photo is only for explanation again thank you so much