How to batch insert linked CAD file by share coordinates?

Hi guys,
I am trying to batch insert linked CAD file into my project using dynamo.
I tried the Orchid package, “Link.SetCadFile” node,
Does anyone know how to use this node to batch insert lined CAD file by share coordinate?
or any other nodes to do it?!
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Trev
try Genius Loci or Morpheus packages for this task.


Hi @Trev,

Here is an example :


That is perfect!!! Thank you very much!

Genius Loci package does not work in Revit 2021 for me, any node has output as null

Hi Ruben,

This is the first time that I have heard about it. My colleagues and I are using the package with Revit 2021 with no issues.

Is your version of Revit up to date?
Have you restarted Revit / Dynamo?
Does the Python node produce result?
Are other packages with Python nodes working normally?
I have already dealt with a combination of packages which conflicted with the Python node and the Code Block but these were packages in C # (with .dll)

Works like this