CAD Block Insertion Point to Family location

Hey guys - I am looking to retrieve the insertion point of a block in an active AutoCAD file and use that to locate revit families. These are nodes from the LinkDWG package. As seen from the image below, the node within the green box works perfectly showing the layers and the layer colors. However, for some reason the node within the blue box isn’t reading CAD file. I have also attached the python file driving the ActiveX.GetCOMObjects node. OR is there an alternate way of getting insertion point of a block in CAD? Thanks.

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by data extraction command in cad its relatively easy except that there is no live link between cad and revit…!

Its fine… Got it to work with the same package. The package author sent me an updated package. Thanks!

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oh…! i tried it today but dint work for me can u share the package…?

It is a .rar file can you send me an email address i can send it to because this platform doesn’t allow uploading such format. Thanks

yea sure ,

Dear Azubike_Ononye,

Can you please share that updated package.


Can you please share that updated package.


Hi every one I have saved the package @Azubike_Ononye shared here…!


Hi saju could you please share this package shortly again. Thanks so much in advance.

here you go

could you please share this package shortly again. Thanks so much.


For linked or imported CAD file into Revit, it is easier to use the CAD Block node.
CAD Link

To read Cad files with Autocad, use the LinkDWG2 package (05-2020) not an obsolete version from 2017 !

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This node does not work for me…any idea why?

Can you share your DWG ?

Alban, I’m getting the same null error as boiiinng. My .dwg file is attached. I appreciate all the work you’ve put into this.

MI-UPHS-P-FL1_HVAC_SDiff.dwg (154.7 KB)

Hi Lance,

It is working perfectly. Be sure to have an updated version of the Genius Loci package.
The Dynamic blocks are reporting their *U— instance number and not the actual block name but it’s a Revit or AutoCAd issue and not a Dynamo one.

My mistake! My package was out of date. Thanks for the response!