Convert project and cad families to revit project

Can anyone tell me how to position families in revit through a cad model, with dynamo? That is, I would like to position my sockets and switches according to the project already carried out in cad, just exporting to revit through a routine, but I don’t even know where to start, can anyone help me?

@cintiamiranda21 ,

Checkout GeniusLoci und BIMorphinNodes…

Here is a lot of CAD Stuff…



Hi @cintiamiranda21,

Try with the CAD Block node from the Genius Loci package.

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I haven’t managed yet, anyone who can help me, I’ll be very grateful, because I’m new to dynamo, but I really need this routine to guarantee my job. Below is what I tried, I thought of creating separate families for each shot, and in autocad creating layers, then every cad I configure these layers, import them in revit, explode, and in the dynamo routine I searched layer by layer, which would identify each one and separate for each corresponding family. But I can not. Help me?Arquivo

Sounds like you dug yourself into a hole, time to get yourself out of it. The nodes listed do most of what you need. You should at least attempt to have a go snr share your progress for assistance. This is not a ‘do my job for me’ forum, even if you promised a firm it could be done.

Your outlets in autocad should be blocks with a predictable facing direction, name and origin that could inform a matching revit family. If your firm doesnt have these things in order get that right first as the data will be no good.

This is a recurring theme/issue on the forum so please forgive any hostility in the replies.


I’m not asking you to do it for me. But saying that I really need and would like help, because I’ve tried everything, several times and I’m not getting it. I just don’t say that I’m looking for a consultancy, because I don’t speak English well, otherwise I’d pay for lessons from someone experienced here.

Then show us what you have tried so we can let you know where it might not be working. If you dont do that then the only option someone has to help you with is to write the script for you

automatizaçãoelétrico.dyn (327.9 KB)

Teste08.dyn (68.3 KB)

Look. I organized the layers of the shots in cad, and brought them to revit, I tried in every way to select them by name, so that I would always use the same ones, in all projects. but I only managed by numbers, I will filter the lists and transform them into lines or some space reference, and then each layer would select a family of shots, specific to it. But anyway, I tried every way and I’m confused.

Posicione famílias Revit por localização de bloco CAD.dyn (16.9 KB)

I tried in several ways. Could you tell me which one is closer?

Dear, good morning. Why does mine not fetch the information? Please help me.


In Revit 2023 or 2024, you must install the DynamoIronPython2.7 package to use packages written in IronPython.

Dear Alban, thank you very much for your response and attention. But I already have the package installed. Any other possible solutions?