How To: Array 2d element in view

Hi All,

Trying something really quite “simple” but most likely am overthinking it. Either way i’m struggling with the last step…

Screenshot of DYN:

I have a circle (detail line) in my view and im trying to array it in the X and Y direction (of the view plane).
I have obtained the location point of this circle and have then created a group of points i esentially want to copy this 2d element to.

Now i’m just trying to figure out how to essentially “copy” my original circle (detail line) from it’s current position (point) to all the other points I’ve created in dynamo.

Any help would be must appreciated :slight_smile:


The Clockwork package has a useful node, Element.CopyByVector. You could create vectors between your original circle centre and the new points and use those to move it. The core Dynamo nodes include a MoveByVector, but not a copy one.



Many thanks for your input here. I tested your proposal and got the following results:

As you can see, the circle was copied but all at an offset.
With a little amendment though i get exactly what i wanted:

Will mark your response as the solution, thank you!


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