How to arrange multiple Revit groups?

My poor brain still doesn’t quite get it with assembling recursive definitions to process a group of points, to be able to arrange multiple instances, in this case a group. When I feed a point list into Tool.PlaceGroupAtPoint, I half expected it to place the group at the nominated points from the list, however it only processed the first point.

In the attached samples the graph works, but is not flexible for a changing number of points, is it possible to come up with a more elegant designed graph to process varying and multiple points ?

Arrange_Groups.dyn (20.9 KB)

Project3_Test.rvt (1.2 MB)


I unintentionally answered this in your other post below.


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But as the juice washes down your oesophagus inducing that warming effect, you might realize two things are astray kind sir, don’t get me wrong the magic is wonderfully smooth but lacks a little charred oak, that being, you have to shut down dynamo and relaunch, for it to run again, but a tad more crucial, is that I need to be able to include a “rotate” the group when positioning it (a number from excel), similar to an earlier post (Is it possible to mirror or rotate a Revit group? ) to either up, down, or left and right and all angles inbetween, then I’ll be able to rest my head in the nirvana of Hilbert’s Hotel.

The number of course is 42.!

PlaceGroup-Kryptonite version.dyn (20.0 KB)

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I thank the moderators for bringing life back this post again, it seems I caused a few eyebrows to raise, but it was merely an attempt to add some fun and colour to a post in the playground.

But it now needs a few explanatory notes to cover the whimsical side.

In Australia, Dynamo is a washing powder hence Bleach Blondes, Glocks usually come in 10mm in reference to Dan’s exclamation of including mm’s, Carpet Snakes in Australia are known as Pythons, unknowns unknowns is a reference to countable infinity and “UNcountable” infinity in the linked video clip, Hilbert’s Hotel is a hotel with endless rooms also from the clip. The free chocolate is just a bonus party trick.

So to the real problem, and I very much appreciate Dan coming to the party in his Blue Cape (part of the fun), but my problem still exists as a natural progression of solving part of the previous issues in posts on groups, is perhaps, adding in an extra input in the node that would handle rotation, that would round off the node. Just like in the olden day’s (of VHS’s and Beta’s) when you inserted a block you had the opportunity of saying what angle it sat at.

RotateGroup.dyn (22.7 KB)

Rotate_Group.rvt (1.8 MB)

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Hi @RLietz,

All a bit of fun, your responses made me chuckle some.

I have created a new thread about rotating groups while creating groups. It is in Python I’m afraid, but this is the only way (other than c#) to get it to work.

As you’ve requested, all functionality is integrated into one Python node and does what you have asked.

Let me know how it goes.

Your superman,


Final solution links to here ; How to Place Multiple Groups and Rotate at the same time