Insert Images in multiples Families

I want to know if there are any chances to automate the process in families in this example structural rebar to put images in the families.I have a template where i have the load families and i would like to inset each picture in its parameter, the images already have but it is a long process and i would like to tried then with another families to have graphic shedule catalogue.

Is there somebody that tried to do this process with Dynamo?

I haven’t done it in a family environment, but it’s certainly doable in a project environment - would you be open to loading the families into the project, adding the photos, and then saving out the family library? You’d get the added benefit of having an intermediate schedule to review as well.

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Yes i see that you can put shared parameters in families con Orchid and then comeback to the project, and i see that you can upgrade version of families with out open and see how it is work i think the best way to do is charge in a project and the run the script but i do no know if there is possible to apply to this problem

How would the procedure look in a project @JacobSmall? Then I can see if it is doable using my family document nodes or I need to tweak something.

Assuming the image is already added, you can set an image parameter by using an image type as the value. I haven’t tried in a family environment, but if you have a method to change the values for all family types that would certainly work as well.

See an example here:

Another hurdle: I’m not sure if you can create an image type in a family environment. Can’t find a link for that at the moment but I’ll send an example later.

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Thanks @JacobSmall,

I have just tested (in RVT2019), you can add an image parameter, and my family document node do support it in the same way as the normal set parameter node do.

Image.dyn (14.1 KB)


@erfajo saving the day again!


Thanks @JacobSmall
But to get that acknowledgment I need to do something extra… So I made the node that can import images into FamilyDocuments and ordinary Documents. New version of Orchid is available.

Image.dyn (16.4 KB)


@erfajo, there is a reason I tell people to look for your responses more than your topics - you bury the lead!

Seriously thanks for this as it’s going to simplify a workflow I’m actively working on. Huge help as always. Hopefully it’s as useful for @Luiscko as it is for me!


Thank you very much i tried to reply in my families, i appreciated very much your help and i like very much your Package Orchid


Hello, Thank you for your package.
I would like to integrate the import function into my python code, so… could you tell me how you did the Document.importimage ?
What revit API method did you use?
Did you use the Import method, and what parameters did you use for its memebers?

Thanks in advance, it would be very helpful

Cant you use the node as it is? in case not, what is then missing? To my knowledge there should be no need for coding otherwise.

Hi, The need for coding is due to us sharing codes, we avoid packages as much as we can, so that it doesn’t become a liability.
But I found the answere here already:

This pointed my to the Image.Reload function and then finally to the Imagetype.create function

So thanks for the start

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hello, your package is great, although I wish to be able to load images in family environment because I dont want to store them in the project or delete them afterwards