How to add an object to an existing group?

Hello everybody! Is there any node that permits adding an instance to an existing revit group? or maybe does anybody know an alternative python code to resolve this task? thanks

Not a direct way but I suppose you can ungroup them first, then add a member and regroup them.



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thanks for the answer!
I’ve already thought about this method but if i have multiple groups of the same type i should ungroup each one and then place the new group all over the positions of the older groups…so it seems a bit too articulated…but I’ll give it a try


Agreed, everything about groups is awkward…!

Here is a more simple problem I solved, it will maybe get you started?

For you, one likely way might be to rename the original group, ungroup the one you’re interested in, add the new thing to it, make new group with original group name, swap back rest of groups to new group?! :frowning:

Hope that’s of interest,