Is there a way to add elements to an existing group using Dynamo?

I’m having a problem in my workflow. I have groups created in the project and I create some elements with Dynamo using references of the elements in the groups. But now I have to add those elements i just created to the groups and I can’t find a way to do this with Dynamo. It needs to be done without ungrouping because I have multiple instances of the same group in the project and that would cause a problem if I tried to create multiple equal groups after.

Hi @MathSantos maybe try create a new group with the old grup and the new elements.

Hi! Thanks for the response.

But if I create a group with the new elements and the old groups, I loose the effect of multiple instances of the same group, where I can edit something in one instance and the others are edited too.

Hi @MathSantos I think that you can still modify the old group inside the new group, can you share an example ?

Group editing is sadly not available in the Revit API.

Hi @timhevel yes you are right you can’t directy with API, but I think that you can still modify the old group inside the new group with the modify button ribbon iside Revit. Cheers

@timhevel thanks for the response!

I saw your post and unfortunetly that was exactly what I needed. So I’ll have to work with another solution.