How to add a revision to model?

Is there a way to create revisions using data exported from an excel file? Right now I have the data from excel separated by name, date, issued status, and sequence. Is there some node that will take this info, create revisions and then have these revisions correctly display in the model.

For clarity I want the end result to display in the sheet issues/revisions window under the additional setting tabs.

Did you try searching the library? Revision.ByName should be exactly what you’re looking for.

I used this to test it out, but the revision didn’t get listed in the model.

You’re still missing some inputs. Visibility and numberType are the only inputs with defaults (ie, don’t require a value.)

What exactly should the inputs be for numberType, visibility? All the nodes tells me is that it requires a string.

There are nodes for those inputs, Select Revision Visibility and Select Revision Number Type.

Doesnt seem to be working…

Never mind it was being wonky. It worked after I closed the program down.

There is a section on node states here:

Please read that. Your node is missing inputs, or you need to right click on inputs and tell them to use the default values. That link also explains what those are and how to set them.

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