How the get all elements placed in Revit?


Actually there is a node Collect All Elements in Model but i can`t load the package.
Is there an alternative?


What are you trying to pull from your model? There are a few different ways to select content.

I want a liste from placed families


all 3D Elements

Do you need the python code of that node?

GeniusLociForDynamo/SelectByCateOrType.dyf at master · albandechasteigner/GeniusLociForDynamo · GitHub)

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I try to rebuild a script …

i have open topics:
there is this book:

it is realy good but to rebuilt several scripts i struggle with some nodes and topics
RevitModelCheck.dyn (119.4 KB)

I can also start a new topic

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For this script, you will window select your model content in a 3D view and it will create an Excel spreadsheet.

Obviously you will need to add some filtering because it will grab every single item and list them all randomly.

This is a bulk content grab that will have to be trimmed down to pull what you want.

Placed Family Collector.dyn (377.1 KB)

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I solved issue already… Export i did to .csv. Excel is impossible.