Get all elements from linked models. Optimized?


I am trying to get all elements from my linked models but if I use the Data Shape node Get All Elements from Links ++ with all the model categories the script become slow and heavy. Would you know a more simple/optimized way/node to get them?

Many thanks

How many element (how large is the model) because that can take time no matter what method you use. Also, do you truly need ALL elements?

Thanks @SeanP. Both model are quite small, there are 2 walls in one and 3 pipes in the other. I am trying to clash by selecting Revit Links in the current document.

I would typically go the Python route just for ease.

Thanks @SeanP ! I will give it a try later this week.

@jaialcan I would love to give a try too, where the node Get Documents comes from? Or Get Loaded Revit Links?

Sorry for the late reply @rinaldi.enrico_nhs .Select.GetDocuments node comes with archilab package and GetAllElementsfrom links++ comes with Data Shape package.