How Place Conduit fitting family using Radius & Direction

I’m stuck: Not sure what nodes to use to get my script to work? Instead of selecting conduits one at a time I’d like to select a set.

Dynamo Script

Hi @Edward_Ratliff …I would try an approach with MePover package, hope it could help…


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Thank you for the reply. I tried recreating your example, but I couldn’t find MEP LocationCurve in the package. The MEPCurve variable wants it to read “default value”.
Is there a specific package? I am confused by the workflow of adding a connector using Conduit.Bylines and then MEPFitting.ByMEPCurves. I think it recreating the conduit and then adding the fitting. Dynamo is telling me I need to update my Python Engine so I guess I’ll try that first.

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Hello …mep location curve is from genius loci, you can just use ootb element.get.loccation node…which revit version are you in ? be sure you dont have any warning inside the dyf node (conflict input names) and the node is set to python 2 engine…

teset conduit.dyn (29.7 KB)

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Thank you! The deployment, I am using has version 2.12 for Revit 2022, and 2.3 for version Revit 2020. [not a typo] I’m not sure how our IT did that one. I was able to get it to work ok. Strangely, in creating a batch file for deployment another variable that didn’t find “ConduitType”. When I cleared out the other dynamo packages, and reloaded the dependent packages, the variable problem went away even though the package versions loaded were the same.

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I understand how the coupling was added to the end of a conduit, but how would you put a connector fitting on the end of a conduit?

Do you mean the Part Type? It appears that there is no conduit routing for a “Cap” the way pipe has. Oversite by Autodesk?

I use the union for the routing and just make sure the primary conduit connector is the one at the end and the node takes care of the placement. It will still place the connector on the wrong end if the direction of the conduit is opposite.


I was referring to the part type. I am looking to put a physical connector at the ends of conduit runs. This has turned out to be more difficult than I was anticipating.

It is very much like “cap”, but I am not finding a way to actually add that to the end of the conduit. I need it to be part of the “run” for ID purposes.