How many views can i place on sheet with dynamo?

Hi Guys, with yours help now i’m able to place:

1 view for 1 sheet
Multiple views on 1 sheet!

Now my question is:
can i controll the number of views on a sheet?

Es: i want place 2 views on 1st sheet, 2 views on 2nd sheet, 1 view on 3rd sheet, 3 views om 4th sheet.

Maybe with some list, filter or sort/grouping. Or maybe with a number slider?!

Soru forse nodo question

I think you answered your own question :slight_smile: Have you tried using the Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews node with a list containing sublists of views?

i used Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews node…have you some screen for an example?

Next time you can try it for yourself and post some images of your work, to spur the discussion forward. Here’s a quick example of what I meant:

If you’re using the built-in node, you’ll have to make sure that the views you’ve selected are scaled properly and can all fit onto a single sheet:

The steam nodes package has some nodes that can help you arrange your views more precisely.