How is remove excesses points on curves?

Hi everybody!
I need yours help guys. How remove this points on this curve…
On image i has a 4 curves with 9 points. I need only start , end points … How?

These solutions provided at this discussion might work for you

Hi! Thank you for help. I did , but i has is empty list. Why? And curves is not correct.

You just need to feed in the polylines into the code block.
From what I can see, you seem to be unnecessarily exploding it and complicating things.

As I cannot see the list of polylines in the image posted above, I can suggest the following…
In future either post the whole or larger portion of the graph, if not the file.

I don’t understanding anything)). Why need flatten? This is three differents curves… And second question, why we are using “Shift Indices”?

This is script.
Room.dyn (19.1 KB)

Change lacing on Flatten to Longest.

Shift Indices is part of the code that checks if three consecutive points are co-linear.
If they are it helps filter out the point in between.

Lots of custom nodes in your file. Could not check.
Hope the above suggestion works for you.

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Thank you so much!) I will

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