Creating a Refined List of Points to create a smooth PolyCurve

Is there a way I can clean a list of points that are form a continuous smooth Polycurve, not Nurbs Curve.
Currently when I am trying to create a smooth Polycurve it has disoriented/disorganised Points which do not give a joined PolyCurve as well as a smooth Polycurve.

The solution could be a reference algorithm/a Python script or a dynamo Node I can refer for refining the list of points and creating a smooth continuous polycurve.
*(Please note, I am not trying to create a NURBs curve.) *


like this?

I am trying not to create a NURBs curve as I mentioned, I am trying to create/recreate a PolyCurve. I want the script to filter the deviated points from path.


What would your end goal look like? Perhaps Line.BestFitThroughPoints could work here, just note that that node is only for creating straight lines, no arcs or anything.

@Daan Line.BestFitThroughtPoints acts as mostly a displacement line (covering shortest distance) avoiding most points, in my case I am looking for multiple connected smooth polylines.

@roshan_jacobs ,


Thank you, just wanted to know, is there are a Node or Script that mentions as PolyCurve.BestFitThroughPoints

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How are your points grouped from your first example? Are you trying to create three PolyCurves based on that example?

By definition this would just be a series of straight lines between the points in the sequence provided.

Other thoughts I had reading the thread, were drawing the polycurve and filleting the corners, or filtering out points based on the distance from the best fit line or some other control mechanism, but I can’t really envision what you are after.

It might be easier to understand what you are after if you provided a data set of points, and a sketch showing what the solution you’re after would look like.

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