Create 4-point polycurves from list of 6 points

I have an irregular curtain wall in Revit. It has angled edges. I am pulling the non-rectangular edge panels into Dynamo, tracing them and using the corner points to place adaptive components. When I create the polycurves from the panels, I get a list that has some with 4 points, and some with 6 points (highlighted in the image). I want to take all of the 6-point ones and turn them into 4-point ones. They are all 4-point polygons, just ended up with some extra points along some edges. Any suggestions on how to remove the extraneous points?

Thank you.

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Spring nodes has a node called “CurveLoop.Simplify” that might help. Tho you’ll need to make a small revision to make it work with Dynamo 1.0. I haven’t had a chance to update the package to 1.0 yet.

The problem is that the node uses a script and unlike the OOTB nodes, script does not get migrated automatically… Here’s what you’ll need to change inside:

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Another way …
This is what I first thought of.
Not the most efficient, but will do the job.

Thanks for the replies. I will try these suggestions later today and report back. Much appreciated.

I downloaded Spring Nodes and made the change indicated. However, I am ending up with 5 points on two of my shapes. The other two came in with 4 points. So I am thinking maybe there is a precision issue? These shapes come from curtain panels in Revit. So maybe they are off just a little?

Hi Vikram:

I tried this graph and at first was having trouble, but when I added a List.Map it worked. Now the trouble is, I am getting five points instead of 4. Maybe the same issue I noted above with the Spring Nodes option? A visual scan of the points seems to be four-sided, but maybe along the diagonal lines, the precision makes it result in a five-sided shape? Just guessing of course.

@Paul_Aubin Instead of a list of panels, to see if it works, try it on one panel.

Sadly that does not seem to help. I still get five points


Hi Paul,
Is it possible to drop here 6 points panel family and dyn file so that we can have closer look at it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Certainly. Thank you for taking a look!
Sample Facade_C.rvt (1.7 MB)
Edge Panels_C.dyn (21.7 KB)

Hi Paul,

My script did not cover all corner cases. I’ve revised the node. Give it a try:

CurveLoop.Simplify.dyf (4.6 KB)

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@Paul_Aubin Paste the code provided below in a code block and connect the list of 6 sided polycurves.


Hi Dimitar:
Works great now! Thanks!

Hi Vikram:
This also works great! Thanks.

Both proposed solutions gave the desired result. Thank you both. Here is a composite image showing both graphs and the result in Revit. Thanks again.


Oh, and those are just “stand-in” panels. I still have to build a proper adaptive panel for the edges. Just wanted to get the Dynamo part working first. Thanks again.

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Hello @kahn.cad. Thank you for those comments. Much appreciated.

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