Divide curve in a segments by point

following forum i defined this script (probably it’s not very clean but it’s work).
i have three questions:
1)can i delete the original curve at the end of the script?
2) can i divide the curve with a length parameter) (obviously last segment will be different length
3) can i apply this script to more than one element? (this script works only with one element at time)

for the 2nd question i found the right node :grinning:

  1. Use archilab’s Elements.Delete. And just in case I would use clockworks Passthrough

  2. Use node Model Select Elements and the list levels

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Thanks Architecoding, but i have some problems to understand in which way i have to divide and reorganize the list to make the script work…if i choose select elements the script goes wrong at Polycurve by points.

You need to follow the output of the data in your nodes, that will be the clue to modify one element or heaps of them.

List.Create creates a unique list with all the points you get from the previous nodes but not ordered and List.Flatten makes it lose all its hierarchy. Hope you can make sense of this.