How do i rotate 90 degrees

I need to create line at 60 ft interval along a polyline.
line need to be at 90 degrees to the polyline.
I have tried various rotate nodes.
to no avail.

Why not just translate the end point and create the line in the correct direction rather than rotation?

Can you show me an example of that.
I am very new at Dynamo
Thank you for your reply

working.dyn (35.0 KB)
here is the dyn file for your review

Perhaps those nodes would help: Curve.CoordinateSystemAtParameter

Thank you Jacob
I’m going to try a math function

Why do you need math function for simple task?

Image which you posted looks like you already done that. 90 degree to polyline.

What is your end goal?

That image is the end goal
But I did it in civil 3d.
If you run the attached dyn you will see the lines at 60 ft intervals are in the direction of the polyline.
I need the vector to be rotated

Here’s a try.
But it only works for simple polylines (no arcs).

Thank you for taking the time to look at it
I’ll give it a try

does not work.
ill keep trying

Why it doesn’t work for you? I just tried @Ge0rges method it does work for me :

working_.dyn (49.3 KB)

Thank you
I’ll try again.
I was getting lines that were not 90 degrees from polyline

This is the solution
Thanks again for taking the time

Thank you Kulkul for your input
it sure does work

Then mark the post as solved.