Create solid from closed polyline

Hi all,

I’m using civil3d and I would like to create a solid by loft between section of closed polyline, the polyline that i use is line+arc, below my dynamo:

I’m trying to use get the object geometry than using the geometry to get polycurve → curves → loft…

the problem is the node object.geometry not working with polyline with line+arc.

any idea to resolve this.

many thanks

What does the warning say?

HI mzjensen,

below the warning:

That means that the polyline has some duplicate points that are overlapping each other. It looks like you’re using a block, so I would edit the polyline in the block editor to make sure it is clean.

I checked already this is distance between points, there is no overlapping:

i already check is clean

Have you changed the geometry scaling setting in Dynamo from the default of medium?

it’s working bettre but i get another warning

As a rule of thumb, always leave the geometry scaling set to medium when using Dynamo for Civil 3D, otherwise there will be other errors that come up like what you experienced before. There are several posts on the forum about this topic.

many thanks mzjensen

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