How do I get dynamo to look at the right parameter?

So as part of a much larger project I’m working on I’m trying to filter my project to isolate information in my custom jboxes. The family has one parent family with about a dozen smaller sub families inside of it. I just want to change the stuff in the parent family. The variable I’m looking for is this:


So when I filter it in schedules it looks like this:


But when I try looking for it in dynamo it’s not showing up:

After making sure I wasn’t loosing my mind I found this node which shows all the parameters associated with this element (I’d show them all here but there’s 66 parameters and none of them are correct):

After a lot of banging my head on a wall for a while I believe I’ve figured out that dynamo is looking at the instance parameters not the type parameter. Is there a way to get it to look at the correct one? Or better yet is there a smarter way to do this that I’m completely missing?

I’m a novice at dynamo so I’m probably missing something obvious here.

It is a parameter of the type not the instance. You need to first get the elements type then you can ask for the parameter.

In this example I have a door selected. The Width parameter is set to type. If it were an instance parameter then you can directly access it from the element.

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…Why…Why would that work?

Thank you for the help. I would never have guessed that.

When you grab the element you are grabbing only one instance. If you want to change one of that elements type properties you need the elements type.

It is the same as being able to directly change an instance parameter in Revit but if you want to change a type parameter you need to click edit type first. This allows you to have better control over what you are trying to do.

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