How do I get Alignment and Station out of Pressure parts

I’m hoping this is an easy solve. Is there a way to pull the Alignment, and Station information using Dynamo for Pressure parts. There doesn’t seem to be a node in the Civil 3D tool for Fittings or Appetences like there is for the gravity network

You can pull them from an excel file extraction from Project Explorer, and then import the excel into your future use dynamo scripts.

That is my current method, However, my goal is to make an all in one tool. I also figure that learning the knowledge of how to do this will open up other additional avenues on more complex things.

Not that familiar with Pressure pipes but maybe this can work as a start for you?
The Camber package has some good nodes for Pressure Pipes.
If you not already have downloaded them, Arkance, C3D Toolkit and Camber package is a must-have in Dynamo for Civil 3D

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thank you, I think this will work out perfectly.

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