Problem with Pressure Fittings solid in Dynamo

Hi All,

after create/import in Dynamo Pressure Fittings solid from C3D Pressure Network if I change direction or rotate them in C3D this change not appear in Dynamo . I have the 1.1.19 version of the Civil3DToolkit.
Has anyone had the same problem?

Hi @Santi_Sarica

Not an expert but some time if changes not reflected in Dynamo (like rebuilt of corridor/ Regen command type)

what i do is remove and reconnect the wires for inputs and the changes are picked up. Please give it a try. Hope it helps.

Hi Shahid,
thanks for your suggestion
I already tried several combination, delete part and rebuild part, delete pipe and reconnect pipe, draw, regen, close only Dynamo, reopen It and restarting the script or after closed Civil 3D and reopen It but unfortunately nothing has changed

Hi @Santi_Sarica can you please share the dataset (DWG)? In general, if you close Dynamo and rerun the graph, it should reproduce the correct geometry

Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 in attachment the Dwg. There are other strange behaviors for example if use the swap part.
PressureNetwork.dwg (1.7 MB)

Thanks for reporting this. It had to do with the method to extract the geometries of pressure parts I was using that did not account for flippings. It will be fixed in the new release.


@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1, thank you very much for your answer and clarification.