How do I add a door boundary to a room boundary?

I want to use the Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel module to create an automatic floor creation node. I can easily convert a room to the needed outline. However, I can`t find a way to add door boundaries to the selected room boundary.

I do get a door boundary, but the one I get is way too detailed and it is not part of the room boundary - I want to add the entire door area - it does not have to be exact and the floor that I want to create underneath the door can just look like a wall opening.

Out of curiousity; can’t you use Walls to get the Boundary?

Can you psot a picture how the Boundary is and how you want the Boundary to be?

A simple approach would be to have (Invisible) Lines in your Door Family and use Dynamo to ‘find’ these Lines and use them to draw a Line (Curve) over it. Use Subcategory for these lines.

Sorry for drawing that in scratch., but it was the fastest way.

If you look at the doors I did not draw on - these are the boundaries I get

However, I want it to be like the blue line. (The line I painted red I want to be gone)

I also tried to get that with walls, but I could not find my doors under types-opening.

Thought so (how you want the lines to be). Then my approach ( :point_up_2: ) would work i guess.

Would I have to add these invisible lines to every single new door type/size?

I am relatively new to Revit/Dynamo - in case this is a stupid question

There are no stupid questions.

Sort of. You can Constraint (make them Parametric) these lines ofcousrse, so you get the right Width for each Type (Size). Again my approach is kinda simple. You can do it without these ofcousr, but i guess the Graph will get a bit more complicated. Maybe you can the ‘Outline’ of your Door (Frame) instead and go from there? A challenge would be which side of the ‘Outline’ should be used.

Thanks, I will give that a try.

Also look here. It’s is similar to what you wanna achieve.

Damn, thanks.

I will also try that version.

I recommend starting here: Selecting doors and windows from room X to room Y