Question - How do I get rid of room boundary lines in Revit?

Hello! I am on day one of using Dynamo for Revit (I am beyond confused, but trying to learn). I watched the tutorial below for creating floor finishes in Revit. I followed all the steps and it worked great! However, in Revit I am now seeing all the room boundary lines and I CANNOT get them to go away. Is there something I need to do in Dynamo??

If you’re creating floor finishes, it could be that a new floor object was created at the boundary of the room perimeter in which case you’d see a line at doors. I’d have to see what category those lines are when selected.

after watching the video, my original suspicion is correct, the dynamo graph is creating new floor objects which you’re seeing the edges of.

Hey Greg – I am such a noob. Do you mean the line category in Revit or Dynamo? I cannot select the lines from Revit and I know zilch about Dynamo, but I am eager to learn!

Could also be the Revit background preview settings in Dynamo…

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Hi Marcel, could you tell me how to edit those settings?


Yes, I think Marcel is correct. The lines are blue, not black so they do look like preview lines. The Dynamo graph did create floors so when preview lines are gone, you’ll still see the floor edges. Depending on your view purpose, you might need to filter out the floors used for finishes via a workset for floor finishes that you can turn off or a specific floor type.

Yes, they are blue. I’ve created a workset for modeled finishes that will only be visible in finish plans. However, I need these blue lines to go away in my other floor plan views.

This may be a very silly question, do the blue lines persist after closing Dynamo or closing/re-opening Revit?

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I have not tried saving my project & closing out with these blue lines in there… I am afraid they will be there forever lol… BUT if you think they will go away I will give it a shot.

Robert - closing out of Revit & re-opening the project did the trick! No more blue lines, thank you & thank you to everyone for helping :slight_smile: easiest fix ever.

You can switch them off in the Settings menu in Dynamo

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