How can i see the run results of nodes inside a custom node?

Hi Guys,

This really sounds like a stupid question but i googled it and searched this forum and was not able to find the answer to it.
I mean, is it really that simple and obvious and i am blind? :slight_smile:

I have a custom node, made out of other nodes and Inputs.
It does not perform as it should, so it would help to see some results and maybe figure out what’s going on.

I managed to improve it on guess-work more or less… but i got to a point i ran out of ideas.
So seeing some results would maybe enlighten me.

(will return with pic and what i want to achieve tomorrow)

So i hit Run, stuff happens (not as it should) and i see the regular nodes’ results as Lists, numbers etc. but if i right click and i don’t see anything else useful other than Edit Node… and if i go in the custom node the nodes inside do not show any results.


Hi @bogdan.petrescu63URX,

You need to paste the contents of the custom node into your graph (.dyn file) so that you can see the previews under each node and be able to debug the custom node.

good idea, thank you.

initially the custom nodes’ elements were like this, in the graph but i need to run all these nodes for each item in a list.
so that it:
takes the first element - works on it
takes second element - works on it
takes last element - works on it.

if i have it in the graph then it will only take the first element and stop… or maybe i can manually feed the next item in the list for testing purposes! because i need to know what’s wrong when it goes from one element to the other.

thanks again for the inspiration!

i find it frustrating not being able to check results in custom nodes…
maybe there’s someone out there that knows more than we do?

This is a list management/lacing problem, not a problem with the nodes in the main graph canvas.

Clean up your lists input, check the lacing on the nodes step by step.

Hello, thank you for the input!
I will do so!

Hello there, you said it brother!
The issue was indeed Lacing!!! :smiley:

Thank you so much!!!

Still, if anyone knows how to see the results in Custom nodes… please let me/us know!