Problem with Custom Nodes

Hi everyone

I have a problem with custom nodes,I thought I would like to pack several nodes together.
However, I get another result of the two variants (see picture)
why can this be?


As a single node, your function will iterate over each input item separately, so there’s nothing for List.Map to do. List.Map isn’t even needed really. You should be able to input Element.Name directly into String.Contains and use list levels to mask your elements.

In general, when creating custom nodes, it’s best to get your function working for a single element. The custom node will handle lacing and lists itself.


Hello @Nick_Boyts
many thanks for your response
Unfortunately, my English is not very good and I have a few difficulties to interpret

can you show me a picture how it would work?

None of the List.Map nodes are necessary.


Hi @Nick_Boyts
Thank you very much, you helped me a lot
it worked :slight_smile: