How can i "pass" a revit warning?

Hello dynos,

i try to pass Revit warnings… … i have no identifier for the warning so i try to get rid via RevitIds…
actually there are just around 5-8 openings they are not work… how can i just “pass” my task…`? dynamo should just ignore these openings.


Maybe in Python? You need to do the action you do before in Python and than you can use try/except.

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@jw.vanasselt ,

i had a similar issue here

problem is the error happend in Revit not in Dynamo

@Draxl_Andreas , then you have to go a step back. Why does Revit give this error? Try to find that out and pass those elements.

Or do you know before which element doesnt work? Than you can try to use the id of that element and pass them in an if statement