Ignore warnings when opening a Revit file

Hi everybody

Is there any node that can help me to ignore the warnings of a Revit file? I am trying to upgrade several files using dynamo, but if it finds a warning it stops the process. Is there any way to avoid this?

What is the warning you’re seeing?

using the Bulk Revit Rename upgrade, Revit stops when there is a warning, like dimensions deleted, relationship broken, link missing, family with errors… there are many reasons to stop, then bulk process is being interrupted … pretty much in every file there is a few stop points!

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Did you guys found a node that ignored the warnings?


I wish there is a way to suppress the error message

There is a way to do this but not with a node - generally needs Python or zero touch nodes. Search the forums for IFailureProcessor - heaps of topics on it with solutions.

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