From Sketchup faces to Revit elements

Hi everyone,

I have run a quick search over the forum but I haven’t found anything that could help me.
I’m looking for a Dynamo script able to convert Sketchup faces into Revit elements (walls, roofs, windows). Basically what the Helix add-on does, but with more options and without external extensions.
Do you know if it already exists or how to make one?

Thank you


So bits of the functionality exist, but I’m not sure about the whole process?

For example, to map your Revit families to Sketchup families, you can easily enough have a graph to compare the directory of skp components to Revit families…

But I think you’ll have to find a way of importing the sketchup so that you can interrogate it and get the location and rotation of the Components? Perhaps this functionality is somewhere, but I don’t know of it.

Then you can place them all using Dynamo. I have done this kind of thing to optimise a 3D printing graph.

You can get lines from a dwg and generate a Revit walls from them… However given the ‘sketchy’ nature of most sketchup (and CAD) models, this workflow has never appealed to me. I take the opportunity to redraft in Revit correctly.
Here’s a thread…

Personally for $100 a year, I’d probably use theirs and discuss whether they can add the extra functionality you’re after :smiley:

Hope that’s of interest, best of luck,


Pushing it into FormIt (or modeling there directly instead of sketchup) would allow for an easy import.

+1 for FormIt as this is a method that is stable and directly available from Autodesk with your subscription.

If you were still interested in doing via Dynamo, I would highly suggest to check out Grevit for any ideas or guidance on how he converted some of this stuff.

Here are a few of my quick thoughts

Wall.ByProfile is available in the Revit API. So what you could (in theory) do is:

  1. Obtain perimeter curves from surface derived from Sketchup
  2. Use those curves to generate a wall by profile. (There is a node in the package Wombat for this)

Floor.ByOutlineCurves is an Out of the Box Node so you could do a similar process for it.

Hi guys,

I’m not sure everyone has formit as yet… I’m still on BDSP 2018… I believe I would need AEC Collection?

There’s a link here, which seems to imply that Formit could identify materials, so maybe they could be used to identify different components?

You’d need a different material for each type of window, say, but it’s something… Then dynamo could interrogate an import and get data, not just geometry?

Hope that helps,


The free version should do the import to sketchup, and has native Revit interoperability as well. Info here:

Sign up for the trial of pro and stick to the Web version and you should be fine.

My pro trial expired and the web version won’t bring in Ketchup files :slight_smile: hopefully the OP has more luck!

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I’d rather use Ketchup than Sketchup…!


@Mark.Ackerley- I don’t think the Pro version is required. Try creating a FormIt model from the Sketchup Mdoel from inside Revit, using the Formit Add-In, as hinted at here:


I’d try it myself but I prefer mustard to ketchup, and as such don’t have any ketchup laying around on my C drive. :wink:

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Thank you everyone for your help!
I have played with these Dynamo scripts and they work, but for complex files the Helix solution is still the fastest and most accurate one.

Honestly I didn’t think Formit could be helpful in such a case. Tomorrow I’ll give a try and update you wheter it works or not.