How can I get a picture of Dynamo's Background Geometry Recursively

Hello everyone!
I want to know if there is any code that allow me to take only screenshots of my GEOMETRY (Green circle) in a “recursively” way, I tried to take screenshots with the button in the upper right corner (Red circle), but this take a picture of the CODE (blue circle) but not take a picture of the GEOMETRY (Green circle), there is an option, using the snipping tool…but I don’t want to take pictures with the snipping tool, because I want an automatic code to do this, due to I have to take a large amount of pictures.

I want to get a picture like the (B Picture), if you know any solution let my know, I know a litle of python programing.

Thanks a lot

@js.galindo1155 Not sure if it helps, but you could try using Export Workspace As Image button with Watch 3D as part of your graph.
Note that Watch 3D can be resized


Hi @Vikram_Subbaiah thanks for your reply

but i want some kind of (node, block or custom node) because my geometry will change after every single iteration, so it will be easy if the program do that for me, i can use de Export Workspace As Image as you say, but that would take a long time to be done, taking into acount that i have to export 184 images.

taking that into account i will be happy if you know some node or code in python to do that

tanks @Vikram_Subbaiah

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