Create Geometry from image


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Is it possible to create geometry from image file.

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Kulkul, I think this used to be one of the more popular topics some time ago.

You should find some samples on the forum, but most of them might have been done on old versions of Dynamo.

Here are links to two of my old posts on the topic :

Form from Images

Surfaces from Images


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I saw the posts. It looks very nice. As you said its done in older version. It will be difficult to find those nodes. Do you have any exampe of newer versions?


File: imageGeometry.dyn



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It works, Is it possible to create Architectural Model using image file. I tried it takes lot of time and computer hangs at the end.

Below is the image project which i am trying to convert to Architectural Model.




To do that you’ll need more than one photograph of the building (from different angles) and a photogrametry tool like 123D Catch




I need to have a picture in the file without importing Dynamo. Is it possible to record information in a bit of Python script?


It is best written in the Python script file SVG format