Export Model Space Image

There has been a lot of chatter about exporting the work space, and the new update helps. One thing I keep running into is being able to export the “Model Space” to an image. Is it possible (beyond a screenshot / snipping tool.

I would like the ability to export both the “model space” as visually seen on screen aswell as export a 3d Watch node to an image file.

Hope I’m missing something obvious.

It would be better to make improvement requests here…

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@Vikram_Subbaiah - Yes github would be the place to suggest improvements, will post there shortly. Based on your response it would appear that the ability I’m looking for does not exist currenlty.

With the growth of both the user base and software capability, and more so as a standalone with DynamoStudio, it seams odd to me that we don’t have the ability to export Images from the Dynamo Model Interface beyond using and outside Screenshot tool.