Export 3D preview in Dynamo to JPEG / PNG

i am looking to export the model generated via dynamo to a JPEG / PNG and cant seem to find a built in setting or node.
Is there an alternative way to get images of the created geometry - maybe via Revit views?

Hi @Atkins14 ,
you mean export the background geometry inside Dynamo ?

I do indeed. Hoping for a node I could connect to a watch 3D node to export as JPEG.

I am not aware on any way to do this. If you have rhino there could be some intersting workflows to develop to do what you want.

This might sound stupid, but why not just use PrintScreen or use SnipIt or some other screen capture utility?

i am trying to stay within the Dynamo (Autodesk) environment so using rhino/grasshopper isn’t ideal. Also, we are currently using snipping tool but when working with iterations within the dynamo environment it would be great to be able to automate this process.

Is there a way to show this geometry (with coloured façade) in a revit view and export that as a JPEG?

agreed. I’m just assuming there are hundreds of capture to do :smile:

you can use some of springnodes’ directshape nodes to export clean geometries to revit. You would then have to use overridecolorinview to set the colors in the revit view…

Thanks @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi, will give that a go.

been trying to get this to work but no luck. possible if you could post up a quick sample to demo the method please?

Hi @Atkins14 ,
Here’s a simple example on how to display your coloured geometry in revit views (all with ootb nodes):