How can access the tag and the line?

Ursprung_Raum roomtagfinder.dyn (14.1 KB)

Hello Dynos,

I have a special issuee. How can I find the Tagline. Is there any API vocabulary, and how can I put it in a pythonscript?

I need the origin of the tag and the start of the “tagleader”. My task is to replace my roomtags, but when i do that, the tags will loose there host, So I try to place the new tags (with line) with the information of there host. By the way, the model is linked :confused:

I could place the tags automaticly, but they got placed inside the room. But the placed tags are right now in harmony with the sheetlayout :slight_smile: So the correct placing and the position of the tags are importanted.



Hi @Draxl_Andreas,

There must be Set Location Tag nodes in multiple packages.

Here is an example :