Get room tags of certain rooms based on room name

Revit 2019.2

I have looked everywhere and have not found a single source of any threads on this subject. Makes me wonder if it just can’t be done.

I have 500+ rooms in my building and I want to select all the room tags for the rooms named “CORRIDOR” and “STORAGE”. I want to do this so I can then delete these tags in the current view only.

Is this possible? Since I can not find anything on the topic I don’t know exactly where to start outside of getting the rooms/room tags.

Any help is much appreciated, I really do not want to have to go through and delete these manually if I do not have to.

Tested on Revit 2019 + Dynamo 2.0.4

Thinking out the logic on it isn’t too bad.

  1. Get room tags in the current view (spring nodes package)
  2. Get the host element for those tags (room) (rhythm package)
  3. Filter out by your criteria
  4. Delete the room tag (spring nodes package)

and the graph:
deleteRoomTagsByName.dyn (41.3 KB)


Thanks John!

By no means did I expect someone to write the whole thing but thank you! This will let me reverse engineer it as well which will be super helpful for my Dynamo knowledge growth.

I really appreciate it!

I just wish I knew enough about it all so I could formulate my own graphs without needing help. It will come I know it. =)


You got it! Definitely check back in here if you have any other questions. I tried to add as much annotation as I could to explain the logic too. :slight_smile:

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Will the room selection work if the said rooms are from a linked model?