Hide/show detail groups on sheets


I’ve been obsessed with Dynamo this autumn and I get inspiration from this forum and from my work what and how to “automate” certain work tasks.

When I work with plan views on sheet I use detail lines in a detail groups on the sheets to place my views and make detail lines to arrange sections to look alike across the plan views at different levels.

I have about 80 plan sheets where I have a 4 or 5 detail groups I work with.

I don’t find the guidelines to fulfill my needs.

“Placera lika – del 33” translates to ”place alike – scope box 33”

Now to Dynamo.

I have tried to create a script where I can show and hide my detail groups with the keyword / masking “placera” on my sheet level. I feel as if I am just a few steps away from finishing, but I guess I am thinking wrong about the detail group being on the sheet and not inside the plan view.

I am not sure the detail groups are considered as an “element”.

How do I proceed?

There is an attached picture with my tries to get this to work.

Thank you and Merry Christmas :blush:

Hi @robert.jungergard ,

Could you recapture/upload the attached screenshot using the camera button in the top right corner of Dynamo? Your nodes are now unreadable.

Also, uploading the Dynamo script itself to the forum saves times for everyone who wants to help such that we don’t have to recreate what you already have.

Hi Daan,

Thank you for your input.

See below for a better picture and the dynamo script.

How could I continue this script on?

Hide detail groups.dyn (52.6 KB)

Hi all,
Has anyone been able to look at my suggestion, question? Thanks :slight_smile:

dont have an answear for detail groups but i would use these nodes to place your views on your sheets by coordinates instead espcieally if you are using scopeboxes on your views

Thank you for the tip.
How and where is the coordinate placed to? The annotation crop? View crop? Zoom extent “crop”?