Detail Groups, toggle visibility

I have a script that select all placed Detail Groups in my project.
But I want to toggle the visibility of the detail groups in all Views of my project.
Have anybody help me to find en set the visibilty of those detail groups?
Here’s my script.

2022 2.12 Detail Group Toggle v2.dyn (49.7 KB)

hello could something work…

I can’t find the nodes OOTB. Which package do you use?

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Hello @mrl …i would try something here, but there are many options :wink:

Thanks! it works.
Here is my update script.
Next thing is to get it working without any extra packages.

2022 2.12 Detail Group Toggle v3.dyn (45.4 KB)

if you use genius loci you could analyze how he had do it in python :wink:

I did that, but it gives me an error. :roll_eyes:

yes thats the nodes strong part…you can set lacing…i guess :wink: