Hide leader line from RoomTag, how?


How can I hide a leader line from a room tag?

OUT = UnwrapElement(IN[0]).get_Parameter(BuiltInParameter.LEADER_LINE).AsString()

I can access it! is this correct? In a ideal way, I just switch on/off the visibility of leader lines.

I think AsString is wrong. how can i say hide/unhide?

The idea is to have boolean, because i want to see later where the room tag come from.

they use it for elements, not for a roomleader, but could it work?

Thats the wish a traditional floorplan with separeted roomtags



Hi @Draxl_Andreas,

I think you should look at this property from the SpatialElementTag class.

The problem is when i switch of the leader, the tag loses his host…

… i want that the tag is still hosted! but with a “invisible” leader

Could be a option to give the leader line a color like white or (255,255,254)?
or a line pattern?

@Draxl_Andreas, try like this?

leader_line = UnwrapElement(IN[0]).get_Parameter(BuiltInParameter.LEADER_LINE)

Ah i see what you mean now. If you turn of the leader, the tag is moved into the room. Lol :slight_smile:

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is this one line? or do i separete it ?

leader_line = UnwrapElement(IN[0]).get_Parameter(BuiltInParameter.LEADER_LINE)

y = leader_line.Set(0)

OUT = y


OUT = UnwrapElement(IN[0]).get_Parameter(BuiltInParameter.LEADER_LINE)leader_line.Set(IN[1])

or this way?

This is only going to turn the leader off and move the tag back to the room. The only way to adjust the leader line is to use Object Styles under the Annotations category. You can adjust the Linework, Weight, and Color, but is not an option here.

Basically you can’t have a room tag without a leader that isn’t in the room.

@Draxl_Andreas, first way more appropriate , and put your transaction.

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…but it overwrites all.

so can i access just the leader?

… i can solve it with a subcategory… thank you! for thinking outside the box or coming back from thinking outside the box :slight_smile:

deep fake :slight_smile:

@Draxl_Andreas, complete code will be something like this

# start transaction
leader_line = UnwrapElement(IN[0]).get_Parameter(BuiltInParameter.LEADER_LINE)
# transaction done
OUT = "anything you want"
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can i write leader_line.Set(IN[1]) and using bool i mean True/False, now it worked just 0 and 1

Thank you! but, the room-tag jumbs back… overwrite not bool is the way