Room, Tags and Leaders... 2023.1

Well the adsk “feature” for automatic room tag leaders will have users and programers banging heads. It is a half *** feature.

  • You move the tag out of the room. It gets a leader automatically.
  • You move it back in. It keeps the leader.
  • Leaders might automatically be added in views you are not even working in from changes you make in another view.

Made a mess of things rotating a project today.

Some notes as I rewrite my automatic tag and room placement tools

  • Drag a tag out. The leader will point to the rooms X
  • Move the leader end, that becomes the new location point.
  • Put the text back in the room. You still have a leader, but the text and leader have different locations in the room. (Dumb)
  • Remove the leader and the text will jump to the point where the leader end was. Even though it is already in the room. (Extra dumb)
  • Pull it back out and the leader jumps back to the room X location point. New location! Rinse. Repeat

Plan accordingly.

Yep I’ve heard these have caused some headaches. The Rhythm package has lots of nodes for working with leaders that might be handy, and can also disable leaders programatically for tags. SetLocation can be used to move tag positions as well.

Yes. Plenty of api to deal with leaders. But routines that previously work - now probably don’t. (Need to update my python code.)

This is the only instance where removing a leader changes the location of the tag. That’s new.

Are you sure about this part?


This :point_up: is what happens for me if i don’t do something with this :point_down:.


That is when a Room Tag is allready in (on) the Room.

That is what happens in Revit 2023 and below.
I’m talking about the just released Revit 2023.1.

My bad, can’t read today it seems. :zipper_mouth_face: :nerd_face:
Learned something about R23 though. :stuck_out_tongue: