Clean Up Linked models: Grid, Level lines and Scopeboxes of multiple entrances

Dear users,

I’m looking for a way to Clean-Up multiple linked file’s.

I Would like to disable the Grids, Scopeboxes, and levels off all the linked items. As show in this video: Hiding Grids and Levels I was think if this could be done whit a Dynamo Script. (But I dont know the how)

Feel free to commend if you think there is a better way to do this.

Lookig forward to hear what you all think what is posible.


I think Dynamo is a rather long winded way of doing this.
I’d suggest using a view template to change each view you have.

If you open the view template or visibiltiy graphics for the view you want to change. and then select the second furthest right tab, Revit Links, then choose the custom radio button, then the Annotation Categories tab choose Custom in the drop down and then find grids, scopeboxes, levels etc and uncheck their boxes.

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Thx for the input, I know you can do it this way, but the problem is that we have lots of linked files that chanse very often. Thats why I was wondering if it it possible to do it whit dynamo so it does not look at the template ore the name of the file. And just applies these changes to all. This becouse off the mulitple entrences.

If I ever figure this out I’ll make sure to share. I’d love to be able to do this for multiple CADs too.



Rename your Grid and or Level type, and create a filter so only the type of the model you are working in is shown.


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That might be a good idea, if I change this in our Template. Will this work for .RVT files mate from .IFC? Do you have any expirients whit this?


It will only work for revit Grids.

The problem is that 90% of our links are ifc’s