Hide elements

Hi why can’t I hide these link grids? It is even possible?

Dont think its possible to turn linked grids off that way…but you could turn off linked grids if you create a filter and use not contain and make sure your grids had another type name then your links grid…then you just turn categori grids off…hope it make sense :wink:

I know about the filter, but I thought it was possible that way.

It isnt,but you could automate the whole process with Dynamo for create a filter

Or merge two viewtemplates. But your solution is easier. :slight_smile:

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Yes Marcel…its a way as well…great one :wink:

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If the grids are on a workset within the link, an alternate option would be to close the workset of the grids in the linked model. This would globally turn off the grids in your host model. Genius Loci package has nodes to support closing worksets in linked files.