Hide Elements in Multiple Views - (Archi-lab)

I have a set of elements I am trying to hide in all of the views… I am using archi-lab’s Views.HideElements and was able to figure out only how to hide elements in any one view. Cannot input more than one view though…

I figured I could try using a while loop to go through each view and hide my elements. Unfortunately, my loop just counts to list length (32 in this case) and hides elements in that last view, instead of hiding elements at each view…

Any ideas? thanks in advance! brain hurts :face_with_head_bandage:

@EatRevitPoopCAD , hi

You have to refere to a view your input is sheet.



My understanding is that a sheet is a view (loosely)

Also, inputting a single ViewSheet works perfectly, its when I input a list of ViewSheets (or Views) is when the Views.HideElements stops working

See pasted image of the working dynamo script with a single ViewSheet input

I believe it is to do with your lacing.

Remove the loop while then feed the whole list of sheets into the views.hideelements node.

Then right-click the views.hideelements node and set the lacing the longest. This should then hide the 2 elements in all the views (so long as they really are visible on all those sheets).

Counterquestion: why is there and what are the 2 elements on all those sheets that you’re trying to hide? Surely you wont be able to hide the same 2 elements from a list of sheets as by virtue of them being on individual sheets they are going to have unique ID’s?

You are a wizard! This was it, thanks for giving me another topic to research as for when I hear the word “lacing” - the only thing that rings a bell for me are my shoelaces…

Answer to your counterquestion: The two elements I am hiding actually vary because my dynamo routine looks for groups that have a certain string in their text and hides elements inside those groups. See pasted image… In this scenario, I have one group in the model that contains “MS-1” in its title and this group has 2 elements.

Thank you sir!

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