Hexagon Surface

I am trying to imitate the trezor Hex pattern on a surface.

So far I have got the following

This is my script.
Trezor.dyn (65.3 KB)

The issue I am seeing is that the hexagons are not lining up equally. I suspect I am taking the wrong route using a point to dictate the centre of the hexagon and should be trying to create a patch using the outer points of the hexagon shapes. I am interested to know if anyone has any directional help in terms of the route to take.

hi ,
use paneling nodes in LunchBox Package it has what you want


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Is that this bad boy? Do you have a quick example of how it works?

make the surface without hexagonal shape , then use this surface in the node i talked to you about,

Are you able to advise on the use of Lunchbox nodes in Alias on the version shown below.


I don’t seem to be able to get Lunchbox. Ive gone through the Oneclick package they have set up.

you should install LunchBox Package manually not from Dynamo.

from here

I have downloaded and installed the Clickonce application but Lunchbox still does not show up in Dynamo. Am I missing something. I uninstalled the old lunchbox package before installing the Clickonce.

go to Setting > Manage Nodes And Package Path, open the folder … make sure you should find inside package folder " lunchBox" folder, if not … go back to 1.3 folder you may find it inside, copy it to 2.0 folder

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Hi, the lunchbox installation is quite a hussle. I followed the instructions on two different computers and have the lunchbox package now in the C:\Users\markus\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Alias\DynamoPrefs2019\2.0\packages folder where all the other packaged are located. I have the path setup in the preferences but lunchbox doesn´t show up in the add-ons section. Is there something else I could try?

I am in the same Boat I have been through all the steps and it is still not shown inside of Dynamo from Alias how ever is inside the stand alone dynamo and Revit Dynamo. Is Lunchbox compatible with Alias Dynamo?

Hi. I have a question that wanna really solve.
I have a multiple surfaces that made in alias. Also as you know, that surfaces has different uv.
How can I adapt hexagonal pattern like with that?

Hexagonal Panels on surface…

Hexagon_Panels.dyn (14.0 KB)

srf1 = Surface.ByRevolve(NurbsCurve.ByPoints(Point.ByCoordinates

uDv1 = 25;
vDv1 = 52;

rem1 = Math.DivRem(uDv1,3);
uDv2 = rem1==2?uDv1+1:uDv1+2;
uDv3 = rem1==3?uDv1:uDv2;
pt01 = srf1.PointAtParameter((0..1..#uDv3)<1>,(0..1..#vDv1)<2>);
pt02 = List.TakeEveryNthItem(List.TakeEveryNthItem(pt01<1>,4,-2),2,1);
pt03 = List.TakeEveryNthItem(List.TakeEveryNthItem(pt01<1>,4,-1),2,1);
pt04 = List.TakeEveryNthItem(List.TakeEveryNthItem(pt01<1>,4,-3),2,0);
pt05 = List.TakeEveryNthItem(List.TakeEveryNthItem(pt01<1>,4,0),2,0);

pt11 = [List.DropItems(pt02,-1),
pt12 = List.Transpose(List.Transpose(pt11)<1>);

pt13 = [List.DropItems(List.DropItems(pt05<1>,-1),-1),
pt14 = List.Transpose(List.Transpose(pt13)<1>);

pg11 = Polygon.ByPoints([pt12,pt14]);