Hexagonal paneling, loft between polylines

Hi There,

I am sure there is a pretty simple to this but I have been turning around for quite a while now and my brain is melting…

Here is my issue. I am building an 3D hexagonal based pattern, I have build a grid on a surface and now struggle to loft the two polygons in between them to create a surface. The inner polygon size will vary according to an attractor point.

and here is what I am trying to create.

Thanks you for your help !


Could you upload your .dyn file to test? I’m not 100% sure which area you want to turn into a surface but my first thought is to use Geometry.Split


Thanks for getting back to me.

Here my file : 20180117_hexagon_on_surface_03.dyn (37.8 KB)

and the .SAT surface Square.sat (6.7 KB)

I may have made it a bit overcomplicated, I am learning dynamo toward my aim.


I have manage to get it to there with a geometry.split thanks to your help. Now trying to actually get two distinct volume. :slight_smile:

@charlotte_r See if this helps
20180118_hexagon_on_surface.dyn (29.0 KB)

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Hi Vikram,

Thank you for the help, I like your approach !
I am now trying to evoluate the pattern so I can have unregular hexagon and unfortunately means that I can’t use the circle + regular polygon method.