LunchBox Diagrid by face question mark!


[caption id=“attachment_9506” align=“alignleft” width=“881”]question hello! everyone using dynamo fellows~ I want to ask something that i cant understand about u,v actually, I want to make skyscraper with twisted, and also, i want to make dia grid structure into the outside of the mass surface. i made nurbs surface using 7 polycurves, then i used ‘lunchbox diamond grid by face’ ,so that could make diagrid. but actually, the whole surface is as you can see in the watch 3d node’s gray part. but the maken diagrid is only applied onto just part of the surface i want to make diagrid onto whole surface, but i think, generated surface(gray part) is made from 7 polycurves, so that is the problem that i know…? how can i make diagrid onto whole of the surface??? please give me an idea… (using dynamo 0.7.4 ver. generated blue element(diagrid) u,v are actually 24,6 but just use 3,4. dont misunderstand like, ‘what the diagrid shape are like that image??’[/caption]


Hi, yongil park

It seems like the latest version of Lunchbox for Dynamo seems to have problems with dia grids and non planar surfaces:



I tried installing an older version and it seems to be working as expected:



The above is with version 2014.7.15 from 16.07.14

EDIT: Not sure why but it seems to work with some surfaces and not with others no matter the version.

Seems that Nathan’s algorithm has a few specifics you should be aware of. U and V vary based on surface normal:



If your surface was built from multiple line segments with varying length, the spacing will not be uniform:



So if you have a polycurve consisting of two curves a long one and a short one, your U will be split evenly between them.

My suggestion to you is to try to revise your surface’s base geometry and play with the U/V spacing and see if that will fix things.


Thanks for detail explanations.

however I should have to make diagrid on polysurface made by several polycurve.

It is impossible for making diagrid on that surface?

Then i am the beginner on dynamo, so I think that i may have to make structure frame line on that surface by dividing curve and rotating curve and generating curves endpoints, so that make the grid line on that surface.

here are other questions,

first on is how can i rotate, point group each of the level (each level has different rotation angle and each point group have to rotate same angle based on ‘point.origin’)

  • Actually, I tried to use ‘geometry.translate’ and ‘geometry.rotate’ to offset(direction : to z axis) and rotate polycurve.

  • Also, I tried to use ‘geometry.translate’ and ‘geometry.rotate’ to offset(direction : to z axis) and rotate point group.

  • ah… too complicate to explain…

  • so How can i rotated end points of polycurves list with different level and same angle on each level?

second on is how can I manage the point lists

  • as you can see in the snapshot, i want to select the first point on first list, and select the second point on second list, and select the third point on third list… like this way.

  • I want to make the algorithm easily, by using ‘code block’.

  • or, It is impossible, then how can I manage list easily.

I will upload the file that i’m working in.

pleasure for your kindness.

by. yongil park



한번해보자 중간 정리




Hi Yongil Park

I did some quick troubleshooting, rearranged a few nodes and removed a few unnecessary ones to sped things up. Everything seems to be working. Overall it looks great! Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:




Dimitar Venkov, Thanks for reply. and that was very nice solution for my project to be developing.


Actually, I have one question about Inserting adaptive component that has start point and end point.

Also, I want to inserting object not using lunchbox diamond grid node. I want to thinking about another approaching method. so, I extract point index and inserting

element on the list. so here is my question,

If i have list of start and end points, It is possible to insert Revit family(has start point and end point parameters) onto the list?(family will be structural framing of column and so on)


And I have another question about the shifting sublist with different counts in one list. um… I want to make list of points, but It is hard to make it for me

so, I posted on ‘list category’. Thank for interest and I’m looking forward for your advise ^ㅡ^



To create columns and beams in dynamo you need curves, not points. Once you have the output of the Lunchbox node, you can extract the curves and use the “StructuralFraming.” nodes to create your families.