Help with General Annotations / Materials / Dynamo

Hi guys, so, kanda new here, but i was aiming for creating like “material sheets”, from revit materials.
So the plan is, to have a generic annotation family, as the spec sheet “skeleton”, and have some material custom parameters ( adding to the standard ones), like images, links, usage…

Dynamo would be used to:

  1. get all specs from all used materials on project
  2. fill the spec sheet skeletons / by material - in legend or drafting views
  3. put those legend or drafting views on specific sheets (maybe controlled by excel file)

Any help with this?

Your process confuses me. Step 1 sounds like the parameters are applied to the material and all your data lives there already. Step 2 and the spec sheet annotation family makes it sound like the annotation has the material parameters and you just have to specify the materials used in the project.

It really just sounds like you need a materials schedule (material takeoff) with the appropriate parameters.

Hi Nick, thanks for your answer.
So, first, i’d like to do all that inside revit, not needing to go to excel.
second of all, i’ld like to add info like images to the “skeleton annotation family”, and to build an specific, not “table centric” design for that spec sheet / material.
So each material wold have an individual sheet (or legend view), inside revit.

Have you tried this plugin?

it does what i want , but with windows!

so how to automate graphical spec sheets (besides “info”), inside revit, with images and such, you get me?