Annotation Symbol / Drafting View / Sheets - Help!

Hi guys!

So, kind of a dynamo noobie here.

But I can say that I have tried to find my answer in the forums and other places online!


The goal is:

To have a “info” table, with data, that will populate an specific Annotation Symbol with Parameters, in multiple Drafting views, Like 1 instance of that Annotation in 1 Drafting View, AND, later on, Each Drafting View with 1 Annotation Symbol on a different Sheet.

Imagine that i want to make a report inside revit, where the annotation symbol contains a “template” of parameters, and i want to get each ROW from the excel file on ONE instance of that annotation, inside ONE Drafting View and THAT onto Sheets, individuals. Like building a report, where each sheet gets info from one material, lets say.


Lets say that we have an excel sheet with X columns and lots of rows, right?


Teste.xlsx (8.5 KB)
AnnotationSymbolTest.dyn (38.2 KB)

And this is the Annotation Symbol: (also attached)

So, with the attached dynamo , I was able to create drafting views with the “Parameter1” Name - Ok, first step done.

Now, I’m struggling to find a way to create instances of “texto1” Annotation Symbol, filled with parameters inside those Drafting Views Created.

AND now, I need to create sheets (one for each drafting view), and place drafting views onto those sheets.

Any help?

Thanks a lot!!

I did not run your graph, but I saw something that looked like an issue at first glance.

For the node “FamilyInstance.ByPointInView”, are you inputting a string into the view input? If so, I would guess that is the wrong input type. You probably need to input the actual view element instead of a string with the name of the view.

Also, the view that you input to this node must already exist in the project file. You are creating a drafting view with the node “DraftingView.ByName”, but there is no guarantee that the drafting view is being created before you are placing the family instance. You need to ensure that the drafting view gets created first, so you will need to make the “FamilyInstance” node dependent on the “DraftingView.ByName” node.

I’ve made a script that demonstrates what I mean:
Place Draftingviews on Sheets Revit2020.dyn (36.8 KB)

That should be enough to get you started. Let us know if it works.

Thanks a lot for that man!
Will try!